When our beautician suggests us a hair spa, we generally refuse, thinking it to be a way for him/her to earn some extra bucks but these treatments come in handy to treat various hair problems like oily scalp and hair, dryness, dullness, frizzy hair and dandruff. Following a hair spa regime is the healthiest way to maintain the nourishment and lustre of our mane. The entire procedure and the massages provided during a hair spa rejuvenates and leaves us feeling light and relaxed.

Hair Type

Knowing your hair type can help you figure out the best way to handle, cut and style your hair. This includes knowing the density, porosity, texture and curl pattern of the hair. The various kinds of treatment recommended for different hair conditions are listed below.

Dry and frizzy hair: Power, Protein dose spa ( Keratin treatment, Moroccan oil treatment)

Hair fall: Ozone, High-frequency hair spa treatment

Dandruff:  Refining hair spa treatment


The same treatment can be priced differently at various places. A through research of different parlours is mandatory before going for a spa treatment so as to avoid paying extra for it. Sometimes, there are discounts at certain parlours during occasions. One should be aware of such events and make use of the cost-cut to pamper oneself at intervals. However, be prepared to loosen your pockets, as a hair spa treatment is a wholesome beauty regime to be indulged in.


Before going to any parlour it is better to do a mini-survey of your own. Asking previous customers about the various parlours and their services might enlighten us to the kind of treatment they provide. The same treatment at two different places can be totally different experiences altogether depending on the skill of the beautician and the level of comfort in the parlour. Spa treatment is a time taking process and spending hours in a place of discomfort can be the total the opposite to the relaxation process provided by it.

Authenticity of the Parlours

Some parlours may advertise big, but the kind of products they use are mediocre. Before finalising any one of the shortlisted parlours or salons, it is wise to find out the kind of products they use for the regime. Asking the parlours the kind of products they use and the procedure they adapt for the spa treatment may help us decide which parlour is better compared to the others in the area.

Choice of Products

Know the products that do not suit your hair type and texture. Being aware of this may also help the beautician to suggest better alternatives. In general, try to go for natural products and avoid the chemical ones. This ensures fewer chances of allergies or any side effects.